The company “Dampfkesselbau Dresden – Übigau” was known in GDR times as the sole manufacturer of ship boilers. For many years we have been offering you worldwide services for ship boiler systems made in Dresden – Übigau that are still in operation and deliver:

  • Replacement pipe works, tube bundles and replacement pipes
  • Spare parts for burners and control systems
  • Accessories, fittings, control devices, seals, etc.

Though our experience in dealing with heat-resistant high-alloy steels, we are able to manufacture a wide variety of spare parts and assemblies for you in the power plant sector according to your drawings or samples.

  • funnel strainers
  • Separator
  • Relaxers
  • silos
  • Pipeline parts etc.

For all mechanical water purification devices manufactured in “Dampfkesselbau Dresden – Übigau” we offer:

  • Replacement and spare parts
  • Repair and assembly services
  • Exchange of complete devices

We design and manufacture for you according to your needs:

  • Coarse and fine screens
  • Damming and warning signs
  • Suction pipes, elbows and pipes

Upon request, we can carry out an on-site examination and advise you on all questions relating to the maintenance of these devices.